Safe ways to travel with your medications

4 Safe Ways to Travel with Your Medications

Getting on the road for the family vacation is exciting. Loading the car or van can be fun or a challenge. Make sure to consider where you put your medications before you hit the road because there are some precautions you need to take to make sure your meds remain safe and accessible. Here are some ways to ensure your medications are protected.

1. Easy Access

a. Keep Medications in carry-on baggage for easy access when needed.

2. Temperature Protection

a. Protect Medications from extreme hot or cold temperatures.

b. Keeping your medication in your carry-on baggage is safer than checked baggage.

c. When travelling in a car, avoid leaving your medication in a glove compartment, trunk or in luggage.

d. Use an insulated bag with a freezer pack for medications that must be refrigerated.

3. Manage Your Supply

a. Make sure to bring enough medication to cover your trip. It’s a good idea to pack an additional 2-weeks supply just in case your stay is extended.

b. Keep the generic name of your medication with you in case you need a refill.

c. Also consider asking your doctor for a new prescription to carry with you.

4. Time Traveler

a. You will want to stay on your medication schedule when traveling. Set an alarm based on your home time zone to help keep on track.

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