Forgot your Medications

Forgot Your Medication while on Vacation – What Now?!

There are a lot of things to remember when preparing for a trip across the country or abroad. You try your best not to forget anything, but there is always something left behind. Your medications are one thing you surely don’t want to forget. But if you do, all is not lost. Here are some steps you can take to get more meds while away from home.

Traveling in America

  • Check with your health insurance to find an in-network pharmacy.
  • Contact a pharmacy and explain the situation.
  • Contact your home pharmacy for help.
  • Call your primary care doctor.

Note: The new pharmacy may give you enough medication to hold you over until you get home. But controlled medications will require a written prescription.

Traveling Abroad

  • Contract your primary care provider for assistance. They may be able to write a new prescription for a local pharmacy.
  • If you have your detailed prescription information, take it to a local pharmacy. They may be able to help depending on the medication.
  • Visit an urgent care clinic for assistance.

Note: The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warns that counterfeit drugs are common in some countries, so be aware and take precautions.